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 Gudgeonville Bridge Fire

If you would like to view a video of the removal of the bridge after the fire, click the link below and you will be taken to the video.  This was shot by the Township's Clerk, Lindy Platz.

Below are some photos of the lift and removal of the bridge on 1/26/2009.  These photos were taken by Girard Township Secretary/Treasurer, Lisa Buie and Engineer Dave Sterrett.  The bridge removal work was done by Schwartz Construction out of Ohio.

 Gudgeonville Bridge Removal

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Gudgeonville_Bridge_001.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_001901 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_002.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_002810 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_018.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_018839 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_021.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_021928 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_027.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_027906 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_032.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_032903 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_037.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_037796 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_038.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_038810 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_042.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_042821 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_046.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_046692 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_048.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_048866 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_061.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_061722 KB
Gudgeonville_Bridge_065.jpgGudgeonville_Bridge_065734 KB
IMG_1035.JPGIMG_1035150 KB
IMG_1038.JPGIMG_1038142 KB
IMG_1046.JPGIMG_1046149 KB
IMG_1050.JPGIMG_1050144 KB

 Bridge Photos

 Bridge Removal Photos
 Bridge Before and After photos
 New Bridge Photos